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Brkn Lngwjz (COM Remix)

from Coz Ov Moni O​.​S by FOKN Bois



uh, haha
yes x8
yo, M3NSA, ha ha
this beat be crazy man
oh thanks x3
we dey come up for the world inside u know…i believe dat
yeah man 2x e b so
but be like, dey no really know wanna identity,
so, (dey dey sleep) how you go describe yourself?

ha! i be the smell the melanin in my aroma
the chalewote wearing roamer
the waakye in the leaf eater
the when-i-see-your-mother greeter
the coconut and mango tree climber
the socksball in the gutter go and finder
the syto schooler
the sharp brain, but number one class distraction fooler
the minerals in the cooler stealer
the do-it-with-my-bare-hands orange peeler
musama disco christo church healer

the bottos watcher, the better-go-and-hide-your daughter
the better even hide your wife or your younger sister
alasa eater
the yoryi breaker
atia tearer
abrofo nkatie seed cracker
the trotro taker
the old apotro car laugher
the tadpole goldfish hunter
the okpo gbayrra trap setter

the hand me down afro moses wearer
the “my son things are gonna get better” hearer
the wall jumper, the chest stamper
the wele chewer
the non alele wooer
the fanti ga and twi speaker
the bass and tweeter peaker
the maid, midwife and madam freaker
the lady undressing take-a-peeker
the taxi driver jawser
the tear the saman dropping hustler
the “i go pay you ‘morrow” buyer
the polythene bag and broomstick kite flyer
the lotto staker
the breaker
the “now that you and your girl are fighting
i will go and chop take her” taker
the no mistaker
the Ghana’s number one beatmaker

alikoto spinner
the sexy nun non believer
the most times devil sometimes jesus is a winner
born against sinner
the highly advanced beginner
the “ok I was just sidetracking” digresser
the finalist minimalist cross dresser
the shoe wearer
the liar, no pants to set on fire
the choir girls fingerer
the “oh but we are just cousins” sexer
the hundred times malaria getter
the bring your own condom non wearer
the multiple children haver
the one love polygamist lover
the flat duna hater
akrantiie attacker
the police briber
the no money for the barber non rasta
the president gbaa teaser
the sugar mommy pleaser
the “fuck yankee we no dey hia damn visa”
the “way kind of chow be pizza?”
the frisbee am thrower
the banku be much better sayer

the k.k.kabobo cassette dubber
the naa forfor forson breast grabber
the dansoman resider
buzanga volvo rider
the slang pidgen cockney talker
the only time i watch sports is when Ghana’s playing soccer watcher
the brown brown private school uniform sporter
International putting Ghana on the map promoter
the J.J. Rawlings coup de tat rememberer
the milk tins car assembler
the hearts of oak supporter
the palmwine n akpeteshi “sister ma mi quarter” sucker
kantamanto shopper
the show stopper
the flow proper
or dont come to my studio recorder
the hipc sufferer
the weather reporter
the fufu pounder n the pestle in the mortar
the curve in the straits of gibraltar
the free thinker
the non blinger
the dreadlocked delilah scissor breaker
the one who knows that he who knows not
and knows not that he knows not is the victim of the quaker

the barefoot b-ball globetrotter
the “where my money dey?” tacker
the “let me just put the tip there” beggar
the “i go call you tomorrow” false promiser
the facebook girls-only confirmer
alata samina bather
the shea butter smearer
the abonsamposuro and even mali’s father
the “i’ve gone too far”, but now going even further
the ktm motorbike wanter
the rapper who dey make more beats pass even your producer
the non underwear dorner
the “e b tru? mek i see!” come to the corner
the busta rhymes fela kuti truster
plantain and groundnut roaster
the pure water squeezer
the opanyin di opaynyin considerer
The Ghana feelin brother
the friend of sexy motia bra adjoa and macho rapper
the ambolley created hip hop advocator

the hater of the skin bleacher
the sankofa believer
hieroglyphics and adinkra symbolist reader
the binary figure configuring calculator
potent ejaculator
the you can cheat me now, but wait when i catch you later
oware player
the dami gambler
the flatunate to make the earth rumbler
the royal family member
the always ready for harmattan in december
the ozone layer mender
the my life, and high life, hip life, and hip hop blender
the fontomfrom drum message sender
the non pretender
the speak my mind with intent to offend offender
the lady back bender
the crazy track sender
the “fuck you where’s my money?!” demander
the highlander
the understander
“only if you keep it clear, black and white like a panda”
the family funder
the fight gbee beef bringer
the cutlass swinger
the chokpoti owner
and if you make me yam and palava sauce, it better be pona
labadi beach bather
korle lagoon lavender hill palava
the chorkor to odorkor trotro boarder
adisco slash accra academy brother
you test me then kubolor, u go hear your mother

the last african hippy hopper
the pro gypsy non tipsy risky rapper
the muderer
the haha hahaha the joker
the spar player, wot at all be poker?
the live meat vegetarian non smoker
the day walker
the night stalker
the count dracula
bagamiasi pula
who could be cooler?
the chop bar hot chow chopper
the early morning waga breath mouth non-chewer
the non homosexual but i back freedom of choice fighter
the super chompia
the nose picker
the phlegm eater
the ass scratcher
the hand smeller
the wall wiper
the porno watcher
the perming cutter
the posing shunner
promoter slapper

(ei! ei! ei!) e choose e choose chale relax

the non payola payers
the soothsayers
the most unique motherfuckers
no dey believe? come claim your mommi ein supporters

i hope dey have learned a lesson from this
(world up) if dey listen clearfully to dis lyrics one day
dey will know dat opaynyin di opaynyin
pure water cannot come and overtake
the rubber that was already holding the first water
we are here forever and ever
we are cleverrrr


from Coz Ov Moni O​.​S, released May 15, 2010
Written by M3NSA & Wanlov The Kubolor. Produced by M3NSA.


all rights reserved



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