FOKN Ode To Ghana

by FOKN Bois



About 2 years ago we came across "Ode To Ghana", a Hiphop instrumental album released by Hobo Truffles featuring various Hiphop producers worldwide who made beats using mainly Ghanaian Highlife samples. We could not resist the urge to rap on all 21 beats using it as an opportunity to address the current state of our deloved Ghana.

Big up to for partnering with FOKN Bois to help release this piece of ourstory.

Check Hobo Truffles' "Ode To Ghana" (Instrumental Album) here:

Also featuring:
Sankwas Bois (Mutombo da Poet & Simpol Tinz) - Track 3
Omonblanks (Blank Creation) - Track 4
Panji Anoff (Pidgen Music) - Track 7
Voncujovi Brothers - Track 9
Sister Deborah - Track 13
Wunmi - Track 18

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released June 30, 2016

All tracks written by Emmanuel Owusu Bonsu & Bondzie Mensa Ansah
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bondzie Mensa Ansah


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Arrival (Intro) (pr Robot X Shuffle)
Mic thirst 1 2 drink water
Whether pure river rain or tap water
Solar power b ecg e step daughter
no dey feel am
like e dey fill generator
Buy pe trol
pay toll
then patrol
Hey! let's go
power show
see koti o
Junkies donkeys alcoholic monkeys
U wan kiss, giv me president john's keys
Pot holes
pot heads pot makers
Coal pot Potpourri nu mai pot
Ex pats, street hawkers accra shakers
Hey stop talk to me
blowin rot
Mpatoa actors small fishes
Construct tractors carbozyllic dishes
Gmo ama epa ngo
Wer e go
e fly o
go up o
envy oh
Track Name: Live The Highlife (pr GHprodu)
Dey say mek we watch the road
wey we say we tire
We just wan mine the gold then fire
2 cold as we grow 2 old 2 inspire
E b 2fold
2 fold cash B the desire

We commot wana eyes 4 road top e take we go china
import wana presidential palace from india
The symbol on the wall outside no b adinkra
dey serve we miso soup u dey take aponkye kakra
No dey respect we dey sweat u dey in nyanya jet
Com c the way plastic full up the fisherman e net
Sakawa save my life, wey other chance i get?
Like i no take my school fees chillop like i go regret
Fuck parents wey dey tink say the teacher always b right
monkey go close e eye n lash u if u show am light
Donkey seff no dey chew grass in d middle of d night
Black honkey playin violin wit d fiddle of a white
Wot a shitty pitiful sight ridicule bites
Stolen jeggins on som mosquito azonto ready 2 fight
U mek i mek ma paddies jealous
Yet u say we b the same
Hard to dey in yor lane if yor driver e name b skin pain


things no dey be
But we dey pretend
Say we dey live the highlife
Yeh yeh yeh

Dem dey off the lights so say we no go fit c the cocaine
Den close the pipe so say we no fit wash away the stain
keep the roads all roff so say we go make late
police cashiers, barriers now b toll gate
MInisters corrupt den u catch abodam for puff
U seff u high c yor red eye like period cloth
But all b wana fault coz we get the sea wey we dey import salt
Den cross wana leg suck malt

The price of lies
The price of lies dey rise
The prize be rice
To mice e dey taste nice
Track Name: Mugu Yaro (pr Ja-Kova)
Once upon a time there was an elephant in ghana with the biggest head
It was so big its pillow was a double king sized bed
It had a very short body, its eyes wer very red
It loved limestone n its spectacle lenses wer made of lead
It spoke with a polar bears accent to goats who wanted to be llamas
It promised to start serving sushi at all ghana's la palmas
But the chicken didnt pay attention they were busily watching the ostriches
Promising to teach them to fly like guinea fowl to their bosses riches

U dey play games
Still dey play games
Hide & seek
4 corners
Shun dey play games

The dollar rise like ma prick
Coz ma president be dick
Actually e b john
b like e name seff too b john
So so ronnin e dey ron
Trouble com den e ron
So so finger pointing
All so dissappointing
To me the most annoying thing
Pastors demma annointing
lotto doctor win lottery
Preachers no want earn
Teachers just wan learn
Doctor no wan u sick
Still trust yor mechanic?
I no wan b star
Just follow ma twitter
No dey hia any fans
Just like ma instagrams
Ma facebook friends chaw
So like ma page rather
No dey roll with crowd
But stumble on ma tumblr

Track Name: Tribe Chief (pr Peet)
If man no fit move mountain
Wey mountain no move to man
Den man 4 create mountain
Exactly wer mountain man dey stand
Many go understand
few go overstand
1 or 2 go stand
More recipies n spices 4 chefs dema chow b bland

Man of the house
Talk of the town
King of the streets
The tribes chief
Settling beef
Peddling reef
Meddling thieves
Rebel in briefs
Sippin tea of nettle leaves
steamin, till the kettle heaves
Blows & whistles
Crows & pistols
Guns & flowers
Bums & showers
Ebola proof
Cholera booth
Corrolla roof
Malaria tooth
My area youth
u better rise & stop looking very aloof
We don't see why Chale
We want peace
...tins no be alright we start dey bore
Isis crisis
Paris slices
Ice is priceless
Christ is lifeless
televise with spices
A back pack man
No back up plan
pack up a gun
Dey back up a van
Buck buck buck the bataclan

F.O.K.N Ode to G.H.A.N.A
This be what FOKN Bois have to say
Make Dey listen 8x
Track Name: Sons Of Sun (pr Ben Bada Boom)
Den the way e skin dark
Lupita seff take yor boddi
Like charcoal
n coal tar
n dzidzi
n yoryee
Som alo pastor spot am
wan chew am
wan chop am
Tell am say e dey see darkness
Invite am
prayer camp
fok u motherfucker
go fok yor bleached wife
plus e akukor permin hair
dont joke plus ma life
U dey talk about the son
yet u dey run from am
I dey live in the sun
i b part of am
i no get no white god
in case sizzla no tell u
Go boff for river densu
coz i dey smell u
Pray giv me if u wish
yes yes i b witch
But u no fit prey on me
coz i no b no stupid fish

children of the sun come come
If u've bleached dier chale run hide

Or go buy umbrella
Stellas color inter stelar
Now e jus b stelar
hidin in a cellar
Toning cream seller
Cant u see keller
Helen is smelling ah
No one is telling her
Accent from kenya
Absence of dermia
Vitilago vertigo
in the villagio
Burnt face o
decrease ratio of felatio
Step on brakes
b4 flesh bakes n heart breaks
Not on rakes
gives shakes
like snakes
n earthquakes
Den u b so vain
Now u make so veiny
Just coz of skin pain
Now yor skin dey pain me
why u dey weaken yor boat
wey e dey hold yor water?
Wot is keepin u afloat
as the world dey get hotter?
bleaching yor daughter aminata
with alata samina
Dat u mixed with hydrochloric acid
obtained from fatima
Pure Child abuse
end times signs
Debilitating destruction
of divine design
i guess we truly are gods
self punishing
Astonishingly, still polishing
despite admonishing

Children of the sun...come...come...
Track Name: Get It Done Yourself (pr Linkrust)
I fit do am by myself
I no dey hia nobody else
Dont play plus ma kenkey
Ka ta hey ... min dorkpetey

It was a noisy bright night
A hungry full moon
Fokn bois on osu streets
Trying to consume
Some komi keh kena
Shito keh sliced paya
Man taya
but toto pai ah
For fit fire
African market
We catch
Floh the sabolai
anyeley com ask us
if we dey kai am
Unless we c e duna
but we no wan shy am
So we jus dey spy am
if e strycha dey b
we go try am
The fish b like dey dry am
Salt am b4 dey fry am
E b very fresh
Night market be the best
Ofaine ha wo pure water koni wo ke cooli wo chest
Go fail yor africa cuisine exams if u no com test

Later on dat very night
By the togo embassy
Saw some ladies very nice
Dat we wanted to marry
For a few hours
To come
We must cash then carry
I told dem i was sam
And i became larry
So suzi what can 17 cedis get me?
For 2 cedis extra i can do somtin very sexy
oh how exciting u mean somtin like blowjob?
No i will buy nkuto n giv u a small handjob
too broke to buy sex
The night me we vex
We decide say we go go studio record som trax
we catch there wey we go meet som record execs
dey say dey dey use the new neuman spx
d most expensive & best
Mek we google the specs
if we refuse dey go vex
dey wan cut we cheques
wey all dey go own be wanna souls & necks
we look each other look dem
Wey we talk
Track Name: One For Aniki (pr Shuffle Jack)
kill all corrupt officials
to make am official
Close down all churches
Mek dey pay back taxes
relocate all the mosques
Back to mecca
Allow the lotto kioshks
the kids b wana saviors
Open up more parks
Plant more trees
Solar powered country
No school fees
Sack all the police
Train new ones
Dem no dey hia seff
more ambulance
dash bicycles
So Less traffic
We go recycle
No more plastic
Rwanda fit do am
Y we no go fit?
More public toilets
In case u wan shit
more farming
ban gmo
legalize marijuana
Fuck monsanto
Fix all the roads
Donate fender rhodes
Music back in schools
No overload
Sack the chinese
Screen americans
Monitor the lebanese
Audit the indians
Support drama groups
Also drummer troupes
Export more fruits
Import no juice
Occupy ghana
Fuck dat shit
wen e ever work?
Change tactics
help the fishermen
Da fish no 4 proh
Electric taxis
New trotro
Check all the prisons
Also the jails
Review all the cases
Innocents bailed
Relevant education
Guaranteed jobs
Young patriots
No old slobs
encourage questioning
Fund big dreams
Real support
For our football teams
We 4 look sharp
No mercy for the negligent
Find the true miss ghana
Make her president
Track Name: Make It Slow (pr Mono-Massive)
I no wan go fast
I no wan go slow
I jus wan catch there
Mek u no stress me

I just dey take ma time i dey ma lane
I no dey wan complain
the pressure wey u guys dey giv more of am b skin pain
We no dey do am for the fame
We dey do am for the fam
So we dey do am for the gain
Small b peh for the glam
Descisions descisions wey man for make wey e dey bore
the vision the vision b no more searching on the floor
For loose coins n moose loins
N goose drawings
Chale me dier am skimming thru the news points
Tick Tock
The shit talk start dey bore
In ma flip flops or bare foot
Tips on the floor
The more we dey savour the flavour for the trip top
The more the course dey jorm the more u no dey fit stop
Gathering small moss
Shadda with no dross
So when the weather make better
it means the breeze b all yors
Of course
The fast money make u feel unsafe
U lock yor doors
Alas honey
Slow day
Holla me blowjolbs


Y we no go slow down small?

U dey watch yor watch
Wey yor watch dey watch u
dey laff
Like som watchman wey e quaff
sake of Hurry up & wait u 4get 2 baff
now yor armpit start dey toss giv the staff
u get formula plus calculator 4 d math
u get d langalanga n cutlass clear d path
but still u dey stand still coz u no wan b still
Distill yor mind make true virtues instill

Track Name: Africaspirit (pr Melodiesinfonie)
Most of we wan c wana body for tv
we dey search wana spirit
inside akpeteshi
Think say wana soul dey plus the ministry
wana mind b the tool we 4 take feel free
Ask about yor african spirit
Remember yor african spirit
Learn about yor african spirit
Tap into yor african spirit

Dey lie u say u b savage
As u teach dem recipie 4 stewed cabbage
tell u say yor masks b demonic
Carry go dema temple of yor masonics
Dey say yor gods b bad so mek u no use dem
Now u dey go dema der pay c yor god 4 museum
Dem dey pray to u wey u recieve
Now dem dey prey on u u no believe
Wantiwanti no getti
gettigetti no wanti
Mi ka wo nfanti kasa mu kraa
chale wonti
U lef god for village go find satan for downtown
Heavy blackface now bleached to a light brown frown
an endemic
E b polemic
I b cynic of these gimmick picnics wey we just dey mimmick.

Try then see
Try then feel

Chale If u feel say u start dey lost
Ma paddy
U 4 search inside yourself
The answers all dey within
U go see say nottin dey u no fit do with yor spirit
Try den look inside yourself
Reach within
Track Name: Talking Drum (pr Robot Orchestra)
dis b yor last chance
We dey drum am in yor head
U wan dance
Dat b y cote d ivoire still
Dey pay france
Dues dues
We bid u adieu
News news
Check youtube
The views
The drum dey talk
U tink say e dey sing
So u dey wine
U r lost
like a bb ping
On an iphone9
Many b fake like tourist djembe drum from ghana
packed in a bag made with kente print from china
Fuck afropolitan i b cosmopolitan nigga
Matter of fact fuck motherfuckers i b villager
Wot can com can come ay
Wot can kamkam boadu say
About da kantankerous decay
Wen the drums talk listen
Wen the drums sing dance
Learn 2 tell the difference
Then u will advance
Won ba ey

Are u still laffin at dondology
U colonial slavery return wisher
Mocking abraham attah u still no dey get
The fokn picture
Yor pastor pasteurizing yor brain into milk
u pour from yor pitcher
parroting what is rotten u've forgotten the true use of scripture
adowa atumpan astimevu fontomfrom kpanlogo dondo
Fokn bois b d last true town criers from axim to bongo
u no listen yor common sense d time e dey beg u say please dont go
If u b fan of dblack e raps wey u b rapper den pls dont flow
Kofi Ghanaba Yaw Kontor Cici Frank Sunday chale more dey
master drummers dash we demma rhythms wey we take more play
polyrhythmic syncopation
Paradidilious innovation
Tone slap tone demonstration
drum roll frustration of the nation

Track Name: Project Ghana (pr Soulpete)
Be careful how u project ghana
Dont photograph the borla
Don't say its corrupt
We r gettin tinz in order
dont speak of the bad road
Just get a range rover
Dont tweet of the shed load
Acquire a generator
Dont complain of church noise
Soundproof your house
Ignore amrobbery increase
Bulletproof yor blouse
Dont address paedophilia
At least d kids r eating
promote homophobia
Gays r kids of satan
We all complain about traffic
Our roads should be bigger
At least its not as bad
as in hawaii or nigeria
Here was like a village
Till we cut all the trees
Now its a modern city
Thats why we have a/c
Skin whitening adverts
we are very proud
Of our colors on the flag
Never doubt
its a gift not a bribe
To make the police like u
R u a celebrity with moni?
Our president is like u
Track Name: Accidentally Waking Up Next To A Brazilian Hermaphrodite (pr KommerzKlaus)
Som dream bi
2 hedgehogs fokin on ma face
I wake op
Som gbemi
But dis no b ma place
e hair brazilian
E g-string b lace
She turn, ai papi
Ah y? I dey craze?
She b full brazilian
Including her blood
No imitay ghanaian
Bonafide latina bad
I look out the window
Dey do me like screensaver
Jesus christ of sao paolo
I dey the favelas
She take me world cup
I view am
How da fok i catch here?
Did we fok?
So much yeah...
U r real african man
I like the way u beat my drum
U like culo too much more
Than brazillian man
Fok me all the time
I beg u senor cabron kubolor
u can com in every hole in me raw for evermore

she take me world cup ?x
I 4 score goal

Oh shit heshe get dick
Chale man 4 scatter kwik
Do ma body like i sick
Lucky sombro call wey e pik
I chock ma gun 4 ma short
Den i no dey c ma shirt
I wear ma specs commot
then d sun b fokn hot
i spark ma okada wey e scream
Mek i buy am ice cream
Tink say i dey go store
I dey run from e dolor
shua dier aden?
Y kraaa i come acari?
fokn pork beans then gari
Wey daji say we 4 marry
Track Name: Accra By Night (pr J. Vibes)
Boff smear my share of shea butter
Find som t shirt wear wrap ma wrapper
fold som cash tuck am in ma skirt fold
If i no dash go b late n dirt cold
No dey feel to rev stroll stop cabby
Bossu evening osu how muchy?
O y u bore? Dis 1 dier u 4 tear top
Or u dey c me tourist wey e just drop?
Better...mek we go...roll the window
accra city lights as da wind dey blow
My favorite time coz no traffic
Jus som few idiots revving erratic
pass 37 catch flagstaff
The bats go soldiers bed i just laff
To the driver e no b really funny tho
Soaking demonic preachin on the radio

Accra by night
I dey feel alright
Den ma week make tight
I 4 enjoy my life
Track Name: Ghanaway (pr Sterio)
This is the Ghanaway of thinking about African Americans
Thank God We're Not An African Americans
favorite food watermelon n chicken wen hungry, wen white people say it u pretend to be angry
walk around wearing fake korean daishikis, y dont u just wear yor white tees n feel free?
Always talkin very loud so we notice,
Meanwhile u whisper wen u see american police
Want to be president, but homie can ya?
yor only black president is from kenya
U make fun of africans calling us dumb...tink we havnt seen
Feeling very very proud on your BET
owned by a lovely white lady called cindy
Graduate from the best school with the best grades/ but u dont get d job bcoz of yor skin shade
U com to africa n say yor name is umekongokandabongouhurukenyattamenelik...ok me am just mike
The pinks called u niggers the yellow called u u yorself r calling yor own selves niggers
55 nations, 2000 languages...yet u still tink africa is 1 villages?
U say u dont celebrate xmas coz its banza
But pls what is more banza than kwanza?!
Banza means yawa
Yawa means useless
Useless means u...slaves...
only useful for plantations
while we eat plantain n beans
Redred...check their album
Ok tnk u bye
Track Name: Gemini (pr Boost Phillis)
I meet som pretty girl den e star sign b gemini
E eyes dey glisten as if get 2 gems in her eye
she tell me say she just break up with som germany guy
Som borga wey den e dey use am wey e just dey lie

Gemini princess if u come plus me i go show u all the world
Coz i dey travel all the time & i could really use some help
do u know how to type are u well versed in excel spreadsheet & word
I need a PA & on free days maybe we can have some sex
Work & play

Gemini princess i must point out somtin this very instance
I hope u dont mind wen i present u as my personal assistant
In this industry the slightest thing can spoil all yor chances
u must learn the ropes n know the codes n steps to the dances
Track Name: Love For Ghana Music (pr Maloon TheBoom)
One day foknbois wer invited to a maternity ward
We wer told obour was there giving birth to our award
He was overdue almost 23 months pregnant
He was lying on the floor like a drunken elephant
We heard the Ghamro doctors encouraging mr bice to push
But the cosga nurses rather told him he should squeeze his tush
We saw daddy bosco in the hallway pacing up n down
hoping dat his boss would die so he could take his crown
Wen we entered the restroom we saw rex omar
Sniffing som white powders with nat brew amanzeba
We quickly left to tell ambolley at his house
Couldn't believe what we saw as we passed charterhouse
Many artistes in a queue to pay their nomination dues
we continued to gally drinking our shatta wale juice (ginger flava)
Black rasta rode by on the motor used 4 picking borla
he was goin round collecting overdue reggae payola
Me tak abowt di parlimentarians but mi regret it
He said somtin to us in mpatois but we didnt get it
We saw a range rover taxi dat belonged to d black
He was kneelin next to it beggin joey to write his raps
Raquel & wisa were urinating by the roadside
no one seemed surprised but com on guys we were surprised
Atomic police pointed to our boot n said gbelemo
dey shouted rastafuor wo krom, we responded telemo

we get styles
Fokn styles
Styles dier we get fokn
u get piles
No air miles
Yet u dey flex fokn

if u no go fit to do
mek u no tell me say
me i no go fit to do
coz i go vex
yet i just go play am cool
by the time u go see
say u just b jelos fool
I dey have sex
chillin with my girls
makin fokn music chale
Track Name: Road 2 Accra (pr Nomad)
The vip bus move like 11pm
Den we dey go ga
B4 we climb top we kill fufu
4 kejetia (welcome 2 las palmas)
Then the nyanya overchill
But at least no preacher
Dey put on som lil win film
I guess am from the laughter
These seats dier 1st class flights
Two left one right
I get som beats i go take write
to shorten the night
I wake mens ask am if e see ma headphones
E say e dey e bag unders so mek i use e own

Kubolor paa i bed deep so wey e wake me
den i wan sleep till after kyebi honom bebi
see how e dey nod e big head take stretch ma headset
the driver start fire like e hear on yor marks get set
i wish say sombro go start preach mek i insult am small
no better gbemis on board too so here dey make dull
Ei wait! I no shedda c dis girl
den e cover e head top, b like e no dey feel well
the way e dey sweat dier fever or diahorrea
Flatu scent confirm ma latter theoria
fine girl so wey yor intestines dey toss so
Dis one so so luncheon meat & turkey bottos oh

Ah chale mens e b u challenge the nyanya
nah e from dat naija girl gbemisola ifunyanya
the way she kyia dier she for tell the driver mek e stop
coz we hit another speed bump she go fit shit wana top
Oh those kind tinz just dey happen for films inside
Hm dey der no tell u wot do eli d last time
local ga boy wey e slur take beg the driver by force
ah i dey kai u show me the video for your laptop
Pls tell me its not the sound i tink it is
Pls tell me its tom brown u r tasting on yor lips
if it is then this tom brown is strong n rich
i never knew a tom brown like dis even exists
Lets stop lying to ourselves it is shit!!!
we are eating shit oh we are eating shit
But sister we just passed nkawkaw
u could have asked the driver to stop there or?
I wanted to do it at linda dor
Well now its on the floor n the window door
Driver ye be si oh guantatanamo fuor wo krom
Aha ablasti ti se nsaman puom
Chale mens i dey drop down den naked maself
Myself we 4 find water boff...4 wana health
i leff ma phone den ma bag coz chale new life
Naked & shitty in dark africa is dis life?

See 59 galamsey guys covered in wet mud
Brown mportormportor
say dem dey walk go ga chop kfc shun gari fortor
Den we forget say shit dey wana body
Coz we make used to the smell
Dey hold dema noses look we like
We just commot from nude hell
We ask dem if pipe or river dey around
Dey say som new well
There norr Muhammed then Atef show up ask us if we dey need help
dey say dey get information say som chrife radicals dey the bus top
we tell dem say som serious bottos bomb so we jus wan boff
dey push past we run to the bus scream everybody go off!!!
...christian suicide bomber scream jesus is lord wey d roof blow off
Track Name: Tanya (pr Sev Seveer)
E name b abena wey she say mek i call am tanya
I ask am y wey she say fuck africa
My grandmother b witch wey she dey try kill me for somanya
I never ever dey step foot again for Ghana
Go find myself some nice cowboy in indiana
Den find a career being like Rihanna
have half caste children & name 1 nirvana
african family members go chew u alive piranhas
so dont call me mabena abi or awurabena
well u hav flatu in twi & shat in ga that's y u r "ta" ... "nya..."...
ABENA...bra fie oh Abena
S3 wa ko a san bra
ABENA...bra fie oh Abena
Abena wo y3 aky3 o
ABENA...bra fie oh Abena
Kai s3 wo di ka wo fie
ABENA...bra fie oh Abena
Wo y3 a ky3 wo abrokyire
ABENA...bra fie oh Abena
Wo ba mi p3 chewing gum
ABENA...bra fie oh Abena
Track Name: Wanlov the Kubolor - Departure (Outro) (pr Keor Meteor)
M3nsa chop satty wey e start leff
e kiss fati talk sayonara wey kick the last beff
Taking hot koko b koko 4 am den e b ninja
vit fast breakfast cafeteria chef
Notorious kanana try attack wey e regret
katana almost reach neck block plus baguette
Dry one paa like harmattan ayigbe biskate
d boss mek dey slip like moss fit biz kate
nkatie cake colored ninjistsu suit
match suade tom brown pierre cardin shoes
e no choose 2 b ogun shogun o so dey born am
e train small for chateau rouge & yokohama island
3 geishas attack e dive behind rack of coats
fly som dick tracy dvd slice dema throats
owner of d place vex coz e just lose bet
Mensa break chairs break bread wey e no break sweat
Track Name: Sickadelic Women (deleted scene) (pr Linkrust)
Aziza the mystical pizda
Lipstick amazonian poisonous frog color
Lomi nava undercover
Mek a brother want to make u a mother
Adorned like a fela kuti dancer from kalaluta
Slap any hala puta e dare call u shalamuta
Mutabaruka on a scooter sayin u r cuter
Toto shooter full time rooter washin wit a buta
Dont need bills to get thru her gates n crash her computer
Or apply for jobs to taste her apple while macking in abuja
Acolatse frankey frankly
I dey tarzan giv e monkey
Keta gypsy witch with zero tolerance giv black honkies
u get majestic donkey
wey Jesus seff no b worthy
2 ride am into jerusalem
tafli your down south durty durty
wolf tamer fuck kramer clean rimmer
They're lamer end gamer scene sinner
New age royal non diva hair non weaver
Dont need her beaver 2 make u a true believer


She is the one dat picks me up wen i am feelin terrible
she givz me so much vim i tink she's so fokn incredible
Sickadelic woman u r way beyond remarkable
I find yor vagina juices soakingly palatable

Psychedelic woman your
Anatomy's from another galaxy
Cure for my maladies
Far from a fallacy
That's my analogy and I'd rather be where you are

Accept my sincere apology
The rest are a parody
It's you that they wanna be
But never gonna be

Phenomenal Philomena
Beauty defying queen of sheba
Her Gaze turns men to stone
neo head of medusa
intellectual mischievous feminist Activist
Voluptuous curvaceous hilarious humanist
Her eyes contain several solar systems unexplored
her hips are broad she is a god so easily bored
Her shea buttered skin makes the sun wear dark shades
Her melanin pure chocolate preserved in cool dark shade
...Now Redman & Method Man are coming to spoil the song...

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