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Rasta Fried Rice

from FOKN Wit Ewe by FOKN Bois



Seasons greetings from the two of the best
Of the greatest from the West of Africa
Yes iya
Ras Menstruation
Big up Ras Clart
Wa guan?
Ha ha ha
You know seh Selasie I say somtin all di time
And wen Selasie say dat dat tin is a true tin
Respect to all the man dema choose with interest
Pass the man dem a eat a little bit of kontomire
So Seleasie I say
According to the Vikings
A true pirate also sails
Inna di Red Sea
Ha ha ha
Rastaman fear no blood
Rastaman is now a licky pumpum vampire
A Ras Vampire tin ya speak about
Dema licky licky licky licky licky
Dema licky licky licky licky licky
Dema licky licky licky licky licky
Dema licky licky licky licky licky
Wet dreadlocks
Let me tell you how my dreadlocks got wet
Ah man a listen truly and truly and true true
Wet dreadlocks
Ha ha
Rastaman don't laff pls come over and help me squeeze it
By the rivers of Babylon
Wer the likkle baby lions dema drink a likkle water
In between her thighs
Wer all the fluid dema drive n ride n is sweeter
I licky the clitoris of the Fountain of Youth
The water splash forth and wet mi locks
Ah mi see how ya dreadlocks get wet
Wet dreadlocks
See how mi hair is glistening and moist
Me a licky licky licky licky licky
Me a licky licky licky licky licky
Me a licky licky licky licky licky
Me a licky licky licky licky licky
Selassie I
Don't leave the door ajar
Jah bless
You have no work
No employment
One jar
Of pickled pork feet
Just to bring it back because
You know it's a likkle pickle tin
You see mi seh
Oh yes cunnylingus
Is just a lickle tin
Likkle likkle lickles
So mi try fi ask you
Yes man
How Selasie I like to eat him rice?
Jah Rasta Fried Rice
Salad dey inna di yard
Selassie come colla di plate
Pack it up
Yo back to the duppy
The oink oink
One of the favorite halal pork
That they love to nyam
Alongside the loins of the lion
Which we will get back to very soon
But they say
Pass the porky pon di left hand side
Oink oink oink
Pass the porky on di left hand side
Oink oink oink
Pass the porky pon di left hand side
Inna di piggly wiggly wiggly wiggly wiggly
Man tin
The piggly wiggly wiggly wiggly wiggly
Run tin
Ras Bacon
You know in Jamaica
When you have a can of beer
They call it a beer can
And when you slice the pork
For your breakfast
It's also a bacon
Oh hoooh
Yes iyah
But now back to the lion story
Have you notice that
Inna Addis Ababa
Inna Lalibela
At the palace of the Selassie I
The lions dey never go gray?
Because dem a always ah die young or what
Sombodi eat dem or what?
Wha go on fi der?
Yeh man
Have you heard of the guy dey call him Pharrell?
Oh Pharrell
The man serving tins inna di castle
Of Selassie I in Lalibela
Yes Selassie i sent Pharrell forth
Into the forest to fetch him a tender cub
Ah e start fi make sense now
You never hear of barbeque?
So when dem chat about babylon
Dem chat about a baby lion
Burn babylon is just a code name
For a young lion cub
Barbeque party time
And dem eat the tender loins
Of the tender lion
Oink oink tin aguan fi der
No more tender loins
It's time for other things you know
Just a side note
White Rasta people
When you go on the dreadlock tin
Don't mean you shouldn't take a bath
Dutty dutty dutty tin ya do
Please bath regularly
Just tryin fi remember one tin
Wey mi see one day
Wen mi stand pon di lower ground
And mi see two people standing pon di hill
And dem a dreadlock people
What ya see
Tell me more now
But mi see not just a dreadlock
Mi see other tins ah lock pon di hill
Tins like what?
Dem eyes lock
Looking each other in a very deep kinda way
Ah two woman dis?
Nah two man dis
Continue the story man
And dema hands lock too
Ah wha dis?
An embrace
Like a em hug or somtin?
Dema hold dema hand inna romantical way bredrin
Eh? Woh
Whole heap of tins slow down
Continue the story man
You know you know
Dema dread?
Dema dread also ah lock bredrin
But worse of all
Demma lip ah lock
What man?
Mi cant
You mean to tell me that
You saw two Rastamen kissing pon di hill?
Dey lock dem dreads
And locked other things also
Salivery exchange
The ital saliva
Me couldn't think of a Rasta Homo
You know Selassie I give respect
To the geisha girls
Inna Japan
Moshi moshi
Yes iyah
Yo one story mi heard
About the man dey call him
Damian Marley
Oh di man de one
Of Bob Marley him child dem
Yeh one of e pickney so
What about him?
Him have a long locks pon di back

Remind me Ras Menstration
Never to let mi dreadlocks pass below mi waist line
No problem Ras Clart
Because imagine you have a diarrhea
And in a rush and push and mikkle and muckle
And fast achuckle to the bathroom
You forget to pull your locks aside
And you let it fall into the hwitome
Oh no
The dreadlocky is lost inna di W.C
You ah go splashy splashy yor locky
With a shitty shitty tins
And you wonder why wen ya walk
Somtin ah splash pon ya leg backside
And you think
What is dis smelly tin dat run
Pon di back of mi leg?
Him hav a shitlocks shitlocks
Shitty shitty shitty shitty
Him hav a shitlocks shitlocks
Look how the flies are follow follow him
Look how the flies dema follow follow him
Respect to Ras Blakk Rasta
Blakk Rasta
King of the Mpatois
The only friend that Obama didn't know
He didn't even have
Him a beg friend
You know all dis singing and chanting
And talking make a man thirsty
How many cubes ya want in yor drink?
Rudebwoi mi just want a Rasta four ice cubes
Hahaha Rasta
Yow mi need to wear som glasses man
You know when Selassie I wear glasses
Dema call him Rasta four eyes
Yes man it's true
And when him eye turn red inna Ghana
E eye red
Apollo pon di sky wen dem look up
And wonder say why why
The people try to cry about dem sovereign days
Mi believe wo papa
Mi wan fi ask you one more tin
Ras Clart
What u wan ask me man?
Ras Menstration
Wha happen just in case ya eye
Start fi menstruate
What you ago put pon ya eye?
Oh wen mi eye red man
You know Steve jobs create somtin for that
For Selassie I
Him giv him the Selassie i-Pad
To cover his menstrual opticals
And him other other products
Such as Selassie i-Tunes
Selassie i-Pad
And erm him favorite milk tins as
A dairy product
Him Selassie ice cream
Ah mi see
Yes yes
But now u hav to tell me
Which you represent still man
As a gangsta man
You see the way me walk
The way I gally
I I represent the Gully Side
You Gully Side
I man represent the Gully Side you see mi
Well also for me
Because of the way I want to tone up mi skin
I think I have to rep the Gaza Side
Because you put a gauze pon ya skin?
Yes to tone up the first degree burns
I bleach
Yes I
Yo shoutout to all di Ghana massive
Shoutout to all di Jamaica massive
One more tin before you go bredrin
Please mi hav fi ask you dis tin
Ask mi now
Because you know all di Rasta people inna Ghana
Yes wah dem say?
Dem tinkin dat Rastafarai Selassie I used to speak Mpatois
Pour dat away
Selassie I never speak Patois
Him speak Ethiopian accent
With a English
Him a gentle guy with a comb in hair
He have afro comb
Him comb e hair in front of mirror
Neat guy
Neat neat
Him iron him tins
And when him do his hand like dis
In a diamond Rockafella way
Dat is just tinkin of a vagina to enter it
Respect to you
Ye bu adie


from FOKN Wit Ewe, released February 14, 2012
Written by M3NSA & Wanlov The Kubolor. Produced by DJ Juls.


all rights reserved



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